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Easy one-time setup displays YouTube Live Stream on your own church website whenever you go live

YouTube Live streaming player embedded inside church website

Player Features

View our pricing plans below to see what features are included in our various packages.


Set it & Forget It

Eliminate the hassle of updating embed codes with each live stream. The EmbedLive module requires just a single setup. Install it once in minutes, and you're all set—no more updates needed.

Display Past Streams

When not live, our module displays a library of your past YouTube streams, letting visitors watch previous content directly on your site and maintaining engagement between events.

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

YouTube Live player offers a seamless viewing experience on smartphones and tablets. It automatically adjusts to fit any screen size, providing optimal usability across all devices.

Automatic Video Loading

YouTube Live player automatically detects when you're live and initiates the stream without needing to refresh the page manually.

Increase Online Giving

When you embed your live video feed into your own website, you get to control what buttons/content your visitors see above the video.

Live Countdown

A built in integrated countdown timer provides viewers with a clear indication of when the event will begin, all within the module itself.

Video Scheduling

Control what days and times you want your website to show your YouTube Live stream.

Add Your Own Text

Add your own text that displays while not live, one hour before you go live, and during the broadcast.

Embed Anywhere

Just copy the embed code we provide you into any website page. It will play and adjust its size to whatever area you put it in.

Upgrade to Pro

Upgrade to MyChurchVideo Live Pro and transform your live stream player module into a feature rich portal:

  • Choose multiple days & times a week to go live on
  • Display more than 1 past video while not live
  • Add your own text that automatically displays only while during the live stream
  • Add a archive video gallery, notes, Bible, and form tab next to your live video
Settings for YouTube Live player in own church website
No complicated setup

Update 1 Setting & Your Done

No need to login / verify any credentials

Other services often require a complex setup process to integrate YouTube Live streaming into your own website, involving multiple steps to link your account.  With our service, all you need is the channel ID (available publicly) of any YouTube account — making it straightforward and hassle-free to get started.

Pricing Packages

No credit card required to signup. Each account begins with a free 30-day trial of MyChurchVideo Live Pro.


$60/yearif paid annuallyEquivalent of 2 months free! $6/month

  • Set it & Forget It: One-time setup, no further updates needed.
  • 4K Quality: Live video plays up to 4K resolution so viewers will enjoy a crisp & clean viewing experience.
  • Unlimited Sites: Install single live video player on unlimited websites/mobile apps.
  • No Storage/Bandwidth Limits: Unlimited bandwidth & storage for your videos.
  • Automatic Video Loading: Live video stream will start automatically at the scheduled time without user intervention.
  • Live Countdown: Countdown timer indicates when streaming begins for each event.
  • Display Past Live Video: While not broadcasting, displays single last video automatically.
  • Mobile Friendly: Adapts to smartphones and tablets for seamless viewing.
  • Custom Image Placeholder: Show your custom graphic when not streaming, instead of the last live video.
  • Embed Anywhere: Use our embed code to display video on any page of your site.
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$90/yearif paid annuallyEquivalent of 2 months free! $9/month

Everything in Essentials, plus:


  • Layouts Templates: Add church archive video gallery, notes, Bible, and forms tab next to your live video
  • Add Your Own Text: Control content text that appears before, during, and after live event.
  • Multiple Days & Times: Go live more than once a week
  • Display Past Live Videos: Display up to 30 past videos from your YouTube archive while not live
  • Live Chat: YouTube Live Chat is integrated next to your live video player
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Why Watch YouTube Live On A Church Site?

  • Boost Traffic: Keeping visitors on your site increases traffic, which can improve your search engine rankings.
  • SEO Benefits: Higher engagement and longer session durations signal to search engines that your site is valuable, enhancing your SEO.
  • Seamless Donations: Having giving buttons readily available on your site makes it easy for viewers to donate while they are engaged with your content.
  • Increased Contributions: By highlighting the giving process every week on your own site, you can potentially increase the frequency and amount of contributions from your community.
  • Video Bible Search: Allow viewers to search the Bible directly within the video player area, enhancing their learning experience.
  • Notes: Viewers can take and save notes while watching the videos, helping them engage more deeply with the content.
  • Live Chat: Incorporates live chat features from YouTube, allowing real-time interaction and fostering a sense of community among viewers.
  • Control Over Environment: By keeping viewers on your site, you control the surrounding content, ensuring they are not distracted by unrelated videos that appear all over the place when you go off to YouTube.
  • Related Content: You can highlight other content around the video area that is more likely to be seen if your viewers go to your website to watch.
  • Consistent Branding: Watching videos on your site ensures viewers see your church’s branding, reinforcing your message and identity.
  • Customized Experience: You can create a tailored viewing experience that aligns with your church’s values and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions concerning our Church Website Youtube Live Streaming  Packages:

Following the initial 30-day period, you will have the option to subscribe to one of our paid packages by logging into your account and clicking the SUBSCRIBE button in the user menu on the left of the page.

Upgrading should happen right away with payment.

For churches exceeding 700 unique users on a Sunday morning, we may require you upgrade to MyChurchVideo Live PRO. This is crucial to prevent server overload due to high traffic, ensuring uninterrupted access for all users. MyChurchVideo Live PRO offers a higher-capacity server ( specifically designed to handle such intense traffic spikes. Our team will regularly review usage logs to assess whether this upgrade is necessary for your church and will inform you in advance if such a change is advisable.

  • Focused Environment: On your site, viewers are less likely to be distracted by unrelated videos or ads on YouTube, keeping their focus on the service.
  • Increase Giving & Engagement: Easily display links to other church resources, events, or donation pages while they are on your website.
  • Brand Control: By displaying the live stream on your website, you maintain control over the branding and messaging, creating a consistent experience. This also means more people will see and interact with your website, making them more aware of what's happening at your church..
  • Integrated Bible & Notes: Having an integrated Bible and notes feature allows viewers to follow along with the sermon, take notes, and reference scripture all in one place, enhancing their engagement and spiritual growth.
  • Inside the control panel of MyChurchVideo Live is your unique embed code. Copy and paste this embed code into any page of your site, inside the HTML code. You only need to set this up one time.

    If you need us to do it for you, we will be happy to also.

    Gain access to special features that are not in our regular package:

    • Layouts Templates: Access various templates for live feeds and archive galleries, allowing for a more personalized presentation.
    • Add Your Own Text: Gain control over the content text that appears before, during, and after live events, enhancing communication with your audience.
    • Custom Image Placeholder: Display a custom graphic when not streaming, rather than the last live video, maintaining a consistent brand image.
    • Multiple Times per Day: Schedule multiple times for a video to go live, providing more flexibility in your streaming schedule.
    • No MyChurchVideo Link: The link to our website at the bottom right of the video will be removed, providing a cleaner viewing experience.

    All we need is your unique Youtube Channel ID (which we provide a link for so you can directly access it). It's super simple!

    Try out MyChurchVideo Live Pro for 30 days free. No payment or financial data needed.

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    About MyChurchVideo Live

    MyChurchVideo Live is an interactive web based "bulletin" for churches to use to engage their listeners / members through the use of fill-in-the-blank notes, giving, calendars, forms, live streaming, and more. MyChurchVideo Live is developed by My Church Website Design.